Part 2

This a guide to help you feel good and progress on your workplace. These are recommendations you should think about. It is very important that you be able to sustain a long work career and continue be healthy in the body and in the mind.
This other recommendations may help you in achieving a good quality of life and being in balance about performance, private life and happiness.
Ask the faculty management to deploy plans against mobbing.He will try to become a coordinator, team leader or manager and force people to quitHe builds “wolf groups”. He gets in close contact with other mates and uses them to destroy other colleaguesHe is a master at creating and spreading around false things about you. He uses his “wolf groups” to amplify these whispers and to attack the target.The only way of avoiding be destroying is to denounce him for mobbing and stalking soon before he seizes the full department.Visit at once a doctor if you feel even slightly bad as related to workplace and save pa…

Part 1

This piece of advice could save your life or that of your mates. Please be human and kind and help your mates out from this violence:
1) Take membership in a Union. Do not choose the same union as your boss has. You can just ask friendly which is her union and choose a different one.2) Time log: It is fundamental important that you keep a time log in which:2 a) You write everything about yours and others relations with him.2 b) Save all emails and work organizations changes. Also save changes in workplace layout2 c) Your log and emails should be saved in a place which is not your work computer. The reason is that he can cause conflicts that make that you could be temporarily or removed from the workplace and not being able to read your documents.3) He is specialist in stealing work from people and freezing people.4) Check if any membership in the famous group of stalkers that at LTH in Lund destroyed the life of many girls and women. You can read details about this on the newspapers.…